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Tech worker and indie game developer who sometimes writes about games they enjoy. You can find them on twitter @blade_kissed.

Paradise Killer expertly lays out the intricacies of capitalist society without ever directly telling you how to feel about it.

Paradise Killer is a game in which you play as Lady Love Dies, an exiled detective who is let out of her bunker after 3 million days and needs to solve the mystery of how Paradise was killed.

The game takes place on Island Sequence 24, the 24th island that has been created to protect a small sect of humans in a pocket dimension. Right as the next island, Perfect 25, was created and people were being transported to it, the ruling council members left on 24 were all killed under mysterious circumstances. …

GOTY List? More like “Games of the Games I played this Year” List

Why do we care about Game of the Year lists? They might seem silly when you think about it, but we like them because it’s nice to talk about games we really enjoyed this year! My Game of the Year list is unordered and includes any game I’ve played this year, even if they’re old. Controversial I know, but I like talking about all the games I enjoyed this year instead of simply new ones. The main section is 10 games I enjoyed spread across an indie section and an AAA section. I mostly write about indies so they’re first…

It’s a visible experience system elevates Genshin Impact above a mere clone

Genshin Impact has taken the internet by storm as and has widely been panned as a Breath of the Wild clone. However, since it has gotten more and more popular, people are starting to realize that it is too good to simply be a clone. I agree.

At first, it is almost too easy to follow the initial line of thought and simply label this a Zelda clone. After all, it has the biggest feature of Breath of the Wild: Climbing. Past that, it also boasts enemy encounters that unlock chests once you defeat all the enemies nearby, and the…

Is Capitalism a Skill? What happens when you level up?

At it’s core, Forager is simple: you gather resources, use those resources to make better resources, then use those better resources to make even better resources. You start with a small plot of land, then use coins to buy new plots. New plots increase the amount of land you have access to, which means more space to place structures, more ground for random resources to spawn from, and sometimes something else. But I’m not here to spoil those little surprises for you if you choose to play Forager. I’m here to tell you that when I set out playing Forager…

Mediatonic’s newest game is all about friendly competition.

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been making waves since it was released on August 4th. Its success is largely owed to the team’s move to put it as free to play for PS Plus subscribers on the PS4, a tactic that helped Rocket League grow to become huge in 2015. It being free on PS Plus isn’t the only reason it’s rocketed into the spotlight though, its rapid gameplay loop has been great for people to watch streamers play on Twitch, as well as been very fun to play.

The Fall Guys gameplay loop is as follows: Start a…

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is coined as an anti-adventure game, one where you see the adventure hinted at around you, but you are not able to reach and access it. You simply pick up trash each day, get paid for it the morning of the next day, and repeat until the end of the game or forever if you are inclined. Even if you do not continue picking up trash in game post-credits, the subtext suggests that maybe you are still picking up the trash in your real life every day.

The game metaphorically demonizes your fear of…

If you’re in need of a strategy for dealing with self-isolation, strategy games are a great retreat. They keep you focused enough where you can’t be distracted, but you can still listen to something else while playing them like a podcast or TV show (even though they might have banging music). Here’s a list of some of my favorites that I’ve been thinking about and playing recently:

Slay The Spire

In the past, Animal Crossing has never quite clicked with me.

I’ve played all of them since the GameCube game, although not quite in order. In general, I will enjoy them at first, then I’ll fall off once I get more into the regular cycle: I start up the game, run around and gather fossils that appeared overnight, get them checked, sell ones that aren’t in the museum, and maybe go to the island (in New Leaf) to make some money. In the end, it never felt all that important or enjoyable to me. …

Mutazione (pronounced mew-tas-ee-ohn-ay), a game developed by Copenhagen based studio Die Gute Fabrik (German for “The Good Factory”) is branded as a “mutant soap opera” about surviving small town drama. Also there’s gardening? And its super chill.

This article will have light story spoilers for Mutazione.

I wasn’t much into the gardening aspect of the game myself, but what got me invested was the sense of community that drove the small town you’re experiencing. The game starts with your character coming to the island of Mutazione because of something happening to your grandfather. You play as a fifteen-year-old girl named…

“The Outer Wilds is a game where you fly around in a spaceship and try to figure out why you’re dying every 22 minutes.”

Before playing The Outer Wilds, I had heard only something like that sentence about the game and that it was very good. So good that it was on the top of many people’s Game of the Year lists for 2019, but I just wasn’t sure if that sentence was a description for a game that was for me.

I was wrong.

Warning: Major story spoilers for The Outer Wilds ahead

To sum the game up in…


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