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  • Andy Carrick

    Andy Carrick

    A veteran of many console wars. Rescuer of princesses, Slayer of demons, Runner of roads, Drinker of tea. Husband. Dad.

  • Maddy Thorson

    Maddy Thorson

    Makes games ❀ Celeste, TowerFall, Give Up Robot, Runman, Untitled Story, Jumper, etc

  • Jahan


    Writing about video games for over a decade now. Always looking for new creative challenges.

  • Means TV

    Means TV

    Means TV is a post-capitalist streaming service with a library of feature-length movies, documentaries, series and more.

  • Ana Valens

    Ana Valens

    NSFW reporter at the Daily Dot. She/her. Twitter @acvalens

  • Thicc Nick

    Thicc Nick

    Powerlifter, denim head, video game enthusiast, straight edge

  • Rachael Versaw

    Rachael Versaw

    Software Engineering Major | Game Development Minor β€” I write about game design and recently have started contributing tech articles to my college newspaper.

  • Kaitality


    Knowledgeable gamer, indie game lover and Twitch Streamer. Come join in on all the awesomeness. Smile or your money back! That or a crisp high five πŸ–πŸΎ

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